It's been a while but good news! The worlds not coming to an end this year (at least I don't think it will 😅 ), other than that, I've officially found the best recipe for the creamiest mashed potato's EVER! Because who doesn't like mash potato's (Unless you don't, in which case you can completely ignore this). I know, this is super random, but hey!... random is nice... Here it is. I'm so not getting a summer bod this year.


Another song before I stop about them, this one's, like the rest of them is really really beautiful. This one's called .


So I heard about 6 of their songs and one song, other than the few others that I just shared before, really really stood out. This one's called . Check it out.


Another wonderful song by them is called . This band reminds me al lot of another fantastic band from , lovely stuff. Check out here, this song is just so beautiful.


Man, wow! I am loving this band! Insanely good. Wow just wow. And from the information I just found out about them, they've been around for a while now. WHY HAVEN"T I HEARD THIS GUYS BEFORE!!! It's like I've missed out on so much already. This next one is also by them, and it's called . Go listen to it now!


This popped up in the suggestions right now, why oh why haven't I heard this before? Absolutely stunning this song. Check it out now, this one's called and the bands called . So good.


just released a brand new song. , I haven't heard the song yet, I'm going to right now, lets check it out together?


If you like art-style and fight sequences, you'll probably like 's new trailer. Check it out.


() is coming up with some good stuff again next year. looks really good. I not going to say much, because I've not been too much of a player, but the trailer looks really exciting. Check it out for yourself.


Here's another look at 's cinematic release. Looks incredible. Go check it now!


desert is another one that's coming next year. From the looks of the trailer, it is quite promising. vibes. Check it out.


A few great coming your way. I've been seeing a surge of some really good exciting trailer for 2020, it looks like a good year ahead. is an upcoming , this game looks really promising. Check out the trailer now.


One last one before I call it a night. For those of you who are curious to know the backstory of the trio and would like to know more on the offset of this perfomance, you should really just watch the whole thing. This concert, changed my entire perception on music and modern tunes altogether. Powerful stuff. I'll link the entire concert below, if you get the time, please... please do watch the whole thing. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.


is probably one of their greatest hits. That song played in clubs all over and when it came out and it still does. Legendary /#Trance song, but like the rest of them, I prefer this version more. It's part of the same album and it just pieces together the missing parts superbly. Check out 's vocals again on this one, he's done a fine job once again.


Porchester Hall is the name of this venue, and I think it fits the bill perfectly. I don't know why, but the whole thing is so impeccably set. The lights, the arrangement and the vibe in general. Magical. I'm in a little worried as to why I didn't share this earlier. It's some of the greatest music I've ever heard (Saying this for like the 3rd time right now). Insane. Absolutely insane this music is. Check out this one, its called .


is one of my favorite male vocalist when it comes to vocals with electronic music. I didn't expect him to be even better when it came to live acoustic orchestra vocals. Incredible, the very definition of his voice is two fold on this one and the song is awesome, one of my favorites. This one's called , check it out now!


I remember listening to this as a /#ProgressiveHouse song, It wasn't too bad in that genre too, but life as we know it has changed drastically when I found this version album. I mean I can't put forward words to describe how beautifully produced this music is, the instruments, the writing, the melody and the arrangement are incredible. This one's called , check it out now!


This is dream music. I mean this music will make you dream. The starting lyrics are "Dream on little dreamer, this is how it all begins.." and just listen to the music, have you ever seen a broom being used as percussive instrument, I really doubt you have. This is some of the greatest music I've ever heard. I'd like to invite all my buds to check this out now! @allaboutthat @Arnies_Pop_Cafe @ketaki57 @megaremixes @admin

This one's called "You got to go".

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