So, this content is totally scripted of course, but is it quite creepy. It's a little funny also how these guys expect us to believe that its real, but its not. Here's a compilation of videos, that shouldn't exist, also this is apparently true footage, its questionable but according to the all of this is sourced actual content from the internet. I suggest you don't watch this if you get easily scared, but you can totally check it out if you want to.

This one's even more freaky, there something wrong with this 18 year old girls dad. Man this is giving me the chills. Its so weird. Check it out.

OMG. This is some really creepy stuff, go and check it out for yourself. , they do live footage videos, of certain complaints about mysterious things. This one's damn creepy, her roommate watches her sleep. Damn.

So 's is another listed based , that has an incredible series, that they themselves are tired of called , some of the tweets here are absolutely hilarious. I'll link the entire playlist here, you guys should really check out. The host literally sometimes questions why he's doing another video on this same topic (Because there are too many dumb tweets, hence a large population of dumb people 😜 )

What an intense video. You guys have to check this one out. with the good stuff.

More videos here, from the same channel, check it out. This time, the boyfriends acts like he's broke, will his girlfriend leave him for that?

Don't we just love live-drama. There are soooo many gold digger (I hope you guys know what a Gold Digger is right?!) test videos on but I stumbled upon, one particular that has some great content. is the content creator, check out this video, It's got a lot of drama towards the end.

P.s We just love watching people fight.

From this channel, this is with comethru. It definitely has a good vibe that's for sure.

Here's a song from a few years back, . Still sounds like its brand new, check out this super song.

Also, go check out the that's hosting all these songs, its called , such a great channel. They have a as well a and a lot of hits. Check out their channel now!

Okay guys, I'm officially loving this song by it's called "How things use to be", listen to the song now!

And last but certainly not the least, in , he invites himself to 's house and this is what happens. Check it out.

Here's one where he's featured in a drama, I mean the guy is just so hilarious. This is from the in remotes.

Okay, a couple more before I call it a day. This one is just too good, in , he actually stars in one of their 's. Hilarious!

And since we are on the whole train, we might as well check out his older remotes as well. This time his visited some of his friends in Japan, this one is so funny, check it out now!

is according to me, the funniest man alive. He's incredible with his content. He's currently doing a series on air and on , just like everything else he produces, it is insanely hilarious. Check out this one, from his remotes in Ghana.

More! Social! Experiments! by the , this time they're throwing a party at their house for random people on the internet, this should be fun.

And now it gets a little interesting. The boys from have another cool video up, this time they're throwing a party in most boring town in , such a refreshing concept. Check it out!

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