Just watched and I was pleasantly surprised. Sequels hardly ever live up to fans' expectations but this one clearly did.
In fact, I believe that Frozen 2 came very close to the first film. Just like any other Disney movie, this one too doesn't disappoint. Give it a watch if you get a chance!



Watching the other day reminded me of all the brilliant animated movies I've watched so far. has given us some of the best animated movies ever. I mean, they're so good I wouldn't mind rewatching them a dozen times.

So, here's a list of my most favorite Disney movies of all time.

I'll start with the best animated movie I've watched in a while! is a movie every music-lover will love. The story revolves around a boy named Miguel who pursues music despite his family's ban on it owing to a painful past. He then semi-dies and goes to the land of dead where he reconnects with his great-great grandfather who was a legendary singer.

The movie won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2018.


Then there's , the movie with some of the most adorable characters ever! Ever wondered what goes on inside a person's head? The movie uncovers the world of emotions like you'd never expect. We see the inside of a little girl's mind. Every emotion is a character and we see them work in harmony, until things go out of control and they desperately try to seek balance.

What an interesting concept!


One thing I love about Disney movies is that there are so many movies with strong female protagonists. is next on my list of favs. Moana is the daughter of a village chief who is chosen by the ocean to finish a task and save her village.

I love the sea so the visuals in this movie were personally very pleasing.


Speaking of strong female protagonists, we have . The movie caused quite a stir mostly because of the song . For the longest time, singing along to the song was one of the ways I restored my confidence and self esteem. No matter how corny it sounds, it's a great self-empowering exercise. Also, the movie was sooo good! I watched it with my sister and it helped us get over the usual trivial arguments and reconnect.


The prequel to one of Disney's greatest productions, was such a blast! It's the story of Mike and Sulley going to college to graduate as the scariest monsters. That sounds pretty normal though, right? The fun part about the movie is that Mike and Sulley were actually rivals but through the duration of the film they actually become best friends.

Great movie to watch with your BFF!


Here's another movie with a strong female protagonist - is one of the most inspirational animated movies ever. The story is about Merida, a strong-willed princess who refuses to marry the various suitors competing for her hand. The most impressive part of the film is when Merida decides to compete for her own hand. 💪


Next up is my favorite movie of all time! is such a great spin on Rapunzel. is bae ❤️


I was never very impressed with the fairy tale so I was expecting very little from the movie but boy was I surprised!

The movie is actually quite hilarious and has great music since it was set in a Jazz era.


is one of my favorite movies all time! The 5-minute love story of Carl and Ellie is everything. ❤️


was a great movie! I love how they merged animation with real life. is just so good throughout the movie!

Such a nice and feel good movie this one is.


Disney movies are sometimes based on the most peculiar characters. I mean, who would even imagine that a rat could aspire to become a chef? Well, is one funny and heart-warming movie I'd never skip if it's playing on the tele.


As a kid, was one of the first few animated movies I had watched and it still continues to be a favorite. Never really got the chance to catch which released in 2016. I guess I'll catch that one this weekend.


Out of all the Disney Princess movies that I've watched, has to be my most favorite one. The movie released when I was a baby and I remember watching it when I was very young. Instead of the usual Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I like that Mulan was the one who shaped my childhood and made me the independent woman that I am today. A warrior princess who kicks the enemy's ass, that's the kind of princesses we should look up to.


2020 is going to be a movie full of strong female protagonists. is releasing next year and so is ! The live action movie's trailer just released and I can't contain my excitement!

Check out the trailer.


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