I have so many thoughts about Season 3...

And I don't think they're mostly positive

So many good series to watch that I don't know what to prioritize! 🤯

Well, maybe not in my head. Sometimes. But silently.

Well, maybe not silently.

You get the point. It's that good!

Newfound appreciation for M83. They make art. They breath art. They are art.

Youtube just released a new platform dedicated to music. Honestly, it looks just like Spotify Web Player.

Check it here: music.youtube.com

I don't see the point, though. Maybe it's more optimized for a faster web page?

@Youtube, please enlighten!

2020 is the year for these queens!


Awa, Tinashe, Mahalia, Wolftyla, and many more. I can't stress enough how good they are.


Hopped on late the bandwagon, but I'm glad I caught up because this series is good!

There's so many layers to the characters that you'll feel slightly concerned for them instead of irritated.

So my friends were raving about the second season of You. They made me watch the first season, and the pilot episode already got me hooked!

I lost it when I saw the Hormones cast at the season finale! Legit 5 of them were there!

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