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@allaboutthat I've been missing your posts the past couple of days :(

What's your favourite tv crime show at the moment?

@TG_Enduring_P Sorry to hear that! At least here you don't have to use your real name :D

1943 Howard stark & captain.
2023 Tony stark & captain.
Legends 🤗

Used to be a (actually owned a very popular PC games website) but the hardware compatibility issues annoyed me. Mind you turning on my and having to download a 3GB update is kind of annoying as well :D

Anyone else tried Apple Arcade? I actually like a few of their games... it's refreshing not to have to worry about buying add-ons, or committing to a purchase upfront without knowing what if the game is worth it. My faves so far are Mini Motorways, Sonic Racing and the best of all is Agent Intercept!

All seven live action Jokers throughout history.
From left to right;
Cesar Romero in Batman (1960s),
Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight (2008),
Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989),
Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (2019),
Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (2016)
Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska in Gotham (2018),
Cameron Monaghan A’s Jeremiah Valeska/“J” in Gotham (2018).
Who is the best joker, you think?

Part time Superhero.⠀
Part time lover.⠀
One of the Six original avengers.⠀
Prevenger as well.⠀
Best mechanic in the universe.⠀
A Weapon of mass seduction.⠀
But if you take all that away, what am I?⠀
Take away the suits...⠀
Take away the home...⠀
Take away the money...⠀
Take away the fancy cars...⠀
Take away all the tricks and toys...⠀
Take away my whole life.⠀
But there's one thing you can never take away from me:⠀

@mathewarnold1992 good to know... thanks! I'm on Mac at the moment... I used Windows 10 on a Surface Studio last year. Amazing PC but the OS ruined it for me unfortunately!

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