Please give a warm welcome to our new member @Janea57

@allaboutthat I saw them in concert... must have been about 10 years ago. But I was probably one of the oldest in the audience back then lol

Please give a warm welcome to our new member @DragonHeartOfGold

What a cute profile pic!

Are you expecting any new games under your Christmas tree?

@Arnies_Pop_Cafe We put our Xmas tree up on the weekend! Makes it seem more real lol.

I have such a backlog of movies I want to see, since I live 45 minutes from the closest cinema it's not as easy when it used to be when I lived across the road from one lol.

I'm still keen to see Terminator: Dark Fate but haven't managed to squeeze it in yet! Apparently has not done too well at the box office so not sure it will be screening for much longer.

I thought this was very interesting... and highlights one of the reasons why we created Favester.

We want to bring back the days where you can express yourself without having to use your real name.

That way you can more freely write about your interests without feeling like a freak!

What do you think?

@allaboutthat lol

My daughter has some kind of wand that whenever you accidentally bump it, starts singing Frozen songs :(

Everyone welcome aboard our newest member @yregistration70


Anyone thinking of subscribing to Google Stadia? Given Google's history of cancelling (seemingly still popular) projects, I'm not sure I want to invest in this!

Please also give warm hugs to our new member @Emeraldstone

Anyone else like cats? meooooowwww


Everyone... please welcome aboard and give a big high five to @Gammaraysong


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The for today is "Twilight". This book holds a special place in my heart as it's one I'm currently reading, and it also makes up a good starting point for the , too, as the series of the week is called, unequivocally, that. Twilight. The series. Also unequivocally one of the best books I know. <1/2>

Anyone here also have kids and going to be subjected to for the next however many months or years? I noticed they started pumping out all the merchandise quite early too... it's going to make billions!

@Emeraldstone I saw Linda Hamilton being interviewed on The Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago and wow she seems like she's lost a few brain cells over the years - heavy drinker I think.

Do you use a Mac or PC?

What do you think of the new 16" MacBook Pro? Seems like after years of neglect, Apple is finally listening to customers again.

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