I thought this was very interesting... and highlights one of the reasons why we created Favester.

We want to bring back the days where you can express yourself without having to use your real name.

That way you can more freely write about your interests without feeling like a freak!

What do you think?

@admin Just checked out the FB and golden age of internet video, you succesfully creeped me out (in a good way).

I really cracked out in laughter when the kid says they took down Hentai heaven tho, lol.

@admin Seriously people should check this out, in case you dont want to close Facebook (for whatever reason you may have) Try not uploading any more information and deactivate your account if you're not using it.

Personally i used Facebook for the messenger feature because most of my friends moved away, but there are ways really.

If you deactivate your account you can simply log back in, but don't, facebook can affect you in the future, and there's no telling how its gonna be.

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