Srry about not posting. So unmotivated these days

Should I include English translations of Chinese novels as a ?

Then again, these are two of my current favorite series xD

10.9\10 for the inclusion of cats...and now I want one. (*sigh* Ugh, roomates.) Twilight as a whole series is an 11/10 for overall plot

I also like how the whole book portrays a different Clan cat customs and has some characters you can sympathize for, like Ravenpaw. (Can I adopt him, Mom?) Even though I'm not currently reading this, I would definitely recommend alongside Twilight. (Yea, I own a copy of Into The Wild and all of the Twilight saga. I have the copy of Into The Wild for character name references and things at the moment.) :D

I doubt I posted yesterday, so we'll skip that one for now. I'm always busy, but today's never fails to amase me, even after the fifth or sixth reread. The book is called "Warriors: Into The Wild" and showcases the life of both feral/wild cats and tame ones, or at least how Erin Hunter (the Hunters) think it's structured. Oddly enough, my favorite character is the power-hungry Tigerclaw, often known as Triggeredclaw due to the fact that there are now TWO Tigerstars in the timeline.

Twilight also has a pretty good plot for a book, although I have some questions, like ''who names a city Forks?'' <2/2>

The for today is "Twilight". This book holds a special place in my heart as it's one I'm currently reading, and it also makes up a good starting point for the , too, as the series of the week is called, unequivocally, that. Twilight. The series. Also unequivocally one of the best books I know. <1/2>


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