Anybody here seen The Irishman?

In a couple days i'll start posting some fun facts about the trajectory of Martin Scorsese.

So a friend got me for Christmas an full concert edition of Nirvana's 1993 MTV unplugged in Vyinil, and it is pretty amazing!

Here's my favourite tune from the album.

So i recently attended a music festival in my hometown of Caracas. And im here to impart a good dose of latin rock pop.

Here's Los Mesoneros with Expropiese.

Let me know what you guys think.

Here's an all time favourite of mine. Pixies and their all round sound.
In this occasion Velouria, an all grunge alternative song with beautiful vocal harmonies.

Here's an extra tune for you guys to enjoy, if anyone listens to this, please let me know.

I'm thrilled to see your opinion about this awesome band.

Looking for a new supergroup to get into? check out Them Crooked Vultures, its pretty awesome, Josh Homme, Jon Paul Jones and Dave Grohl, what's not to like?

Also some tunes feature Alain Johannes. Pick any track and you're guaranteed to like any of your choosing.

There's adrenaline, power, and some solid raw energy in this unique album.

It's been a one time collaboration, and i really hope i get to see this happen again.

So i found out that Sia was part of a band before launching her solo career!

She collaborated with the Zero 7, a rather experimental band, and slightly jazzy in sound core.

I'm not the biggest fan of her or the band but i just found this to be a cool fact.


Here's Polaris, now this tune is completely instrumental, so there's no Sia in it, but i think its way cooler this way.

I think silent bands make some of the best music, in this tune it feels as if there was a cosmic funky jam.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

Here's another big one from that time.

I love throwing back and enjoying old school bands.

Here's Sonic Youth with Teenage Riot!

Now changing a bit the subject here's an all time favourite for me.

From Crawley England, The Cure, shaped music beyond Britain, their impact can be seen in so many bands. For instances i believe The Drums draw a big lot of inspiration from the 1976 band!

I also have a personal theory that The Smiths have that name after Robert Smith from The Cure, but i don't really know about that.

Now Patti has some serious value in the art world, i remember seeing her famous picture wearing a suit, now this must have been a bigger deal back in the 70s.

In fact rumour goes that she drew inspiration from Frida Kahlo's self portrait wearing Diego Riviera's suit. Of course she did it with different purposes.

Patti is a strong advocate for equality so that's the reason i think she took that picture and made it her signature.

Patti has also made some hard core covers, from Gimme Shelter to Smells Like Teen Spirit she's also covered Bob Dylan's Changing Guards one of the most epic folk tunes there is.

Here it is Please enjoy it!

Smith has had an intense life and there is only so much one can cover in 500 characters.

But one of the high points that i think are worth sharing is her romantic relationship with Blue Oyster Cult keyboard player Allen Lanier.

During her time in this relationship she wrote pieces as a rock journalist, these were published by Rolling Stone and Creem.

Guess who her main source was? Blue Oyster Cult.

Guitarist Ivan Kral often stated that in order to fill her songs he would use simple composition methods and chords just to energise the live experience for the audience.

Distorted guitars and basic but repeated chords were the fundamentals for all of Patti's stand out tunes.

In this occasion i think the simplistic nature of horses can serve as an example.

This tune is based on the hype you get when quoted "you snort a whole mountain of cocaine" according to Patti.

Patti claims that she's always felt more like a poet rather than a singer, so most of her lyrics are actual poems she wrote down snd turned into songs with the help of her musician friends.

Take Gloria for example, it doesn't get more poetic than this.

Patti Smith has been considered for a long time the godmother of Punk Rock, and there's now wonder why.

She has been an all round artist ever since the 70s, and while her name might not be rare to hear i think not much attention is given to hear, not as much as she deserves at least.

Here i'll be posting her top tunes and fun facts for a bit.

Starting off with her Smells Like Teen Spirit cover one that has a swamp music country feel before getting darker.

I don't know if this song is here because of how catchy it is, I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I first heard it.

OR, maybe the story of how this song came to be? As the story portrays very much what was going on on the singer's life.

Multi-love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, if you haven't heard it, I absolutely encourage you to do so.

Sex by The 1975 is my pick over any other one by the band. It perfectly blends indie rock guitars with a mild pop element.

Whether pop is or isn't your thing this tune goes perfectly with any moment you might have, i believe it can certainly stir feelings in anyone due to its subliminal element and concept of making music for cars or movies.

Red Eyes by The War on Drugs.

This is one of those song that make me feel nostalgic for some reason, it is the type of songs that can stir something in you and that is ALWAYS appreciated.

I'll leave it to you, let me know if you feel the same.

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